The inner game of performance

When I can help you

Leaders and business owners deal with it every day: the drivers of change. These external drivers can be for example economical, political, biological, environmental or technological. These changes can have an enormous impact on the organisation, the employees, the stakeholders, the clients and last but not least on you as a leader. What happens when these changes have negative impact on the financial performance of the organisation? How do you feel when you are in a flow ? That is what I want to achieve together.

How do you react as a leader on triggers and what is the impact on your inner world? This is the moment I can help in the process of decision making. How to make conscious based decisions instead of fear based? How can you move forward and play your inner game with the right energy ? It is like playing golf: it all happens between 6 inches. I have a 3-step process to help you.

The 3-step process

An organisation is part of an eco system. You, your company and your stakeholders make it happen and deliver the value to the clients. A serious impact on this ecosystem will cause disruption and will look for a new equilibrium. In practice it could mean that old routines and the way of creating value needs to be changed. All leaders feel responsible to come up with the answers. They are performers! The goal is to redefine the process of performance through mastery.

First step: Mutual understanding

Co-creation is requiring that partners respect each other who they are, what they think, feel and what they are capable of. It is a process of creating transparency, trust and acceptance. Stakeholders can bring new ideas and expertise on the table you have doubts about or maybe are not even in the position to share it due to the relation you have with them. As a coach I can help you to move you forward.

Second step: Energy shift

A respectful dialogue allows partners to share ideas, build on them and create value together. A dialogue is a dynamic interaction process. It has several components that influence the dynamic. As a leader you have a great impact on these dynamics. Your energy influences the energy of the participants. As a coach I can help you to shift your energy and be the catalyst of the process. It inspires you to take the lead in this creation and interaction process.

Third step: performance through mastery.

This phase can be an exciting one. Do you trust the process and the stakeholders enough? What is it that you really want to achieve and how ? Are you still in control or controlling? What is the level of experiment and learning you allow as leader ? How do you celebrate progress? As a coach I can help you with your inner game and your interferences that appear during this process. WARNING: to adopt a new way of thinking goes hand in hand with pain and pleasure.

Dynamic process of energy

All three steps are part of a dynamic process. A successful co-creation process is a learning experience. It goes two steps forward and one step backwards. Core energy coaching as we call our approach is helping you to become conscious of your energy in the moment and how you show up in situations. Being conscious about your energy level will help you to shift your energy to benefit from core energy coaching.