“I worked with Alfred for 3 months and he truly helped me to become the person I am today. His coaching is both comforting and confrontational. He has the talent to find the problem behind the problem by asking the right questions and non-judgmental observing both words and body language. With a natural curiosity, he knows the first answer is not the complete answer and gets to the root of the situation. Through his coaching I can bring more lightness to challenging situations. I let go some of my conditioned patterns, dissolved my restlessness and stress and I found a confidence and calmness in myself that allows me to go after my dreams. Thank you Alfred for the great experience.”

Manon, December 2020.

“Alfred is a great coach! He listens very attentively and asks powerful questions for deep reflections. Alfred helped me to challenge the beliefs I had which were holding me back. As a result, our sessions really helped me to gain new insights, change my perspectives, further build my self-confidence and maximize my contributions at work. Thanks Alfred!”

Jane, December 2020.