Result of coaching

Why investing in coaching benefits?

I help leadership to shift energy in such a way that satisfaction and well being will increase. As a result of that energy shift, leadership will inspire others to achieve sustainable results. Core Energy Coaching will make the rather small investment worthwhile. It will impact the cost of absenteeism when people become aware of their energy management.

The energy presence of a person is measurable and therefor progress can be measured. Your energy presence has effect on others around you.The impact of the IPEC Coaching philosophy has been scientifically investigated. The result of this investigation is that the IPEC approach (*1) has an effect on the shift of your energy. As a coach I help you to achieve your goals and to perform through mastery.

Start a pilot, set goals and learn from it!

Leaders are performers and want to achieve results. Preferably as soon as possible at the best cost possible.The fear to make costs for coaching and have no control on the outcome creates often resistance. The answer to this behavioural preference to experience the impact of Core Energy Coaching is to initiate a pilot, set goals and learn from it.

As a coach we believe that the investment in coaching will give a higher sustainable return.

I am looking forward to receive your call and meet you. The choice is yours!