A few years after graduation at the University of Wageningen he decided to emigrate to Belgium for a job in a international Agro Business firm. To move from The Netherlands to the french speaking part of Belgium close to the french border was quite a different world. It has challenged his adaptability. He had to deal with several new challenges, e.g. new languages, new cultural differences, a new company and new relationships. The external changes had impact on his inner world. He managed to deal with these changes and discovered that to cooperate successfully with people you do not know, the first step is to understand and than be understood.

After several years working and living in an international environment he decided to move back to The Netherlands. He noticed that something was different in his way of looking to his country. He had to adapt again. After working more than ten years in the financial services sector in different consultative selling roles, he decided to start his own company Fact to Face to help entrepreneurs growing their business through coaching. After two years an opportunity showed up and he moved with his family to Mexico. During this period of four years he experienced as an independent a co-creation process in a foreign country with a new language, new people and a new product. The benefits of the former experiences paid of.

Back in The Netherlands he noticed that his inner world had to adapt again. His analytical voice wanted to understand the change, but two other voices showed up. The emotional and intuitive voices. They asked the question what is it that you really want to do next ? He stepped into the world of non verbal strategies and the impact in social interaction.

In his free time he likes to play golf. It is a game that inspires him even when the results are less inspiring. He learns from it. For him the game gives technical, mental and social satisfaction. Especially the mental aspects have his special interest. How to stay focused, reduce interferences and improve. In his mind he will be single handicapper when he trusts his process and practice.

With all these experiences he took the step to be a professional coach. His motto: “When you enjoy playing your inner game, your face will show it”. The energy you bring with you will affect and attract the people around you. The aim is to have fun to play your inner game and achieve performance through mastery. As a professional coach he believes in the power of solution focused thinking.